My name is Ben and I am the creator of Box Of Favours..
A few years ago I was living in London and was self-
employed. Between jobs I would have a lot of free time on
my hands. My flatmate however had just got a job as a
primary school teacher and had no time what so ever.

She would often come back from work tired and stressed out. Walk
straight to her room, spend the rest of the evening marking
books and then go to sleep.

I knew it was her birthday coming up in a few days and I
didn’t know what to get her as a present. I asked her if she
wanted to go for some food but she said she just didn’t
have time. When I asked her why she told me that she had
to do her laundry, finish the washing up, make food etc.

I went away and thought about what she had said. I had
time to help her out around the house so maybe I could just
do her a few favours as a gift. I looked online to find
something suitable but found nothing.

So the next day I got to work making a Box of Favours.
It was my flatmates birthday and I gave her the small box
after she came home from work. She opened it up and
started reading the favour cards getting more and more
excited with each one she saw.

By the end of reading the last favour she was almost in
tears, she came and gave me a big hug and said it was
one of the most thoughtful gifts anyone has ever given her.
One of the best bits about doing the favours was actually
getting to hang out and spend time together. I felt great
because I was helping her out and she was getting more
time to relax and enjoy herself.

She still maintains to this day that it was the best present
she has ever received.